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Environmental Policy Statement
We are a well-established company, founded in 1969. As such we have seen an
understand the change and vital importance that understating out impact on the
environment must play in all aspects of our business, from project planning to day to
day operations.
It is vitally important that we take of the environment around us, both at home and at work. We implore
everyone to follow simple preventive measures that will help us all. By ensuring we all follow basic
principles such as recycling we can help to conserve the earth’s resources and show a simple
commitment and understanding to the importance to our world. A lot of people doing small simple steps
to help can make a big difference and this is a philosophy we expect all of employees, contractors and
clients will uphold and hope the general public will as well.
In order to ensure out business practices uphold our philosophy and dedication to minimize our impact
on the environment and where possible to improve environment for all we follow these basic principles
as well our environmental procedures.
 Review Environmental Policy to ensure at minimum it meets current legislation and all activities
are carries out accordingly.
 Ensure all employees share in the philosophy of protecting the environment
 Provide continual training and feedback loop an ensure all staff have required qualifications to
help ensure standards are adhered to
 Ensure where possible materials used are from a recyclable or sustainable source
 Reduce pollution and carbon footprint
 Ensure supply chain and contractors also adhere to these policies
 Minimise waste by ensuring we reuse, recover or recycle wherever possible
 Ensure sustainable waste management by applying simple principle of Waste Hierarchy of
 Provide easily accessible facilities to allow staff to recycle
 Plan all projects to ensure longevity, and stability to minimize waste and replacement
Upholding these basic principles and encouraging and supporting our employees, who we acknowledge
are our biggest asset, to also believe and support in these, we believe we are able to provide an
exceptional serve and product whilst ensuring our clients have the reassurance of our and therefore their
impact on the world around us


Health and Safety Policy Statement
Cannings is committed to providing an exceptional level of service and product to all
our clients. At the core of this commitment is our Health and Safety Policy.
At the heart of all our projects, works and partnerships is an underlying commitment to
ensure that all risk to employees, contractors, clients and general public is reduced to a
minimum. As such Health and Safety best practices have been set to ensure we comply with the “Health
and Safety at work Act 1974” and associated legislations whilst maintaining a culture of continual
improvement and learning to ensure the safety of everyone involved.
In order to ensure our commitment and standards all our employees and contractors follow the below
basic principles, as well as our strict Health and Safety Policy.
 Identify applicable laws and legislations and ensure continually training and development for
staff to ensure best practice and compliance
 Understand the nature of our business and services, identify the additional risks involvement and
ensure these are highlighted and directly acknowledged and minimised
 Review best practices, involving employees to ensure continuous improvement
 Review Health and Safety Policy to ensure at minimum meets currents legislation, but strive to
always exceed minimum best practice
 Ensure all employees understand the importance of Health and Safety as a core business value
and their role and responsibility within this
 Ensure adequate use of feedback loop for both improvements and potential risks, including
onsite risk assessments that are then immediately available to management for review.
 Ensure adequate training and qualifications are always maintained to protect the integrity of our
employees, contractors, clients and general public.

At Cannings we understand the importance of our employees in every aspect of our business, especially
the impact on our Health and Safety responsibilities and understand that the key is to ensure their
competence, training and confidence and the impact this has on reducing risk and we are dedicated to
continually improving upon this.


Quality Policy Statement
Our Quality Policy aims to ensure our current and potential clients of our commitment
not to simply meet our customer expectations but ensuring we exceed them.
At Cannings we are committed to the service and products we provide or clients. By
ensuring that our employees understand the importance of adhering to our Health and
Safety Policy, encouraging them to share our commitment to our Environmental Policy and our passion
for quality services we are confident in ensuring a quality service that supports the trust our clients past,
present and future place upon us.
Quality must be at the heart of our business, and to ensure this we will follow the below principles as well
as our quality policy:
 Ensure high quality products, combined with high quality service is provided, with the aim to
ensure the job is always done right the first time
 Measure activities and processes against clear and concise set of KPI’s to ensure effective quality
measuring and monitoring
 Provide a business culture that encourages quality at all elves through motivation, learning,
growth, engagement and feedback
 Use a factual approach, based on analysis of KPI’s and available data to ensure we make future
decisions that in the best interest if the business and clients
 Maintain the focus that our clients are at the heart of everything we do
 Follow a concept of continuous improvement, making use of all available resources and expertise
 Ensure compliance with all relevant legislation and work towards ISO certification
We take pride in knowing that every Cannings employ takes the responsibility to the ensure that not only
these principles of quality are followed but full compliance to all company policies are adhered to in
order to continually guarantee the exceptional level we are known