Solar Energy

Solar Energy

Brightening your future

MCS approved installers for Solar Photovoltaic

Renewable energy from the sun is fast becoming the most popular futureproof energy source for homes and businesses. We specify a solar system to suit the application in hand to ensure that you get the optimum solution for your investment. For example, a correctly sized solar photovoltaic system will contribute to the running of a heat pump significantly.

What’s more, why not consider battery storage to maximise your self-consumption. This would not only save you money but also relieve the grid of its ever growing demand. Contact us

An endless supply

Unlike fossil fuels which will run out, the sun’s energy is endless with no environmental impact.

Integrated solutions

Combine a heat pump with solar energy for maximum savings and optimum performance.

Reduce energy bills

After all sunlight is FREE and a heat pump is affordable to run.

Available to all

We can size and install a system to meet your needs and have panels for every roof type.

Solar battery storage

Maximise your renewable energy usage by storing surplus, ready to use when you need it.

Quality guarantee

All equipment that we install is MCS certified.

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