Biomass Boilers

Biomass Boilers

Nature’s Choice of Boiler

You may be eligible for the renewable heating incentive

Biomass boilers are a good option for homes in areas that don’t have mains gas or for those who are looking for an environmentally sound, renewable heating and hot water solution. Biomass heating uses organic matter such as wood pellets which is better for the environment and cheaper than burning fossil fuels as in conventional boilers.

Biomass technology is considered to be carbon neutral when the fuel is sourced locally. As members of the RECC you can rest assured that we offer a high standard of service.

Ideal for rural areas

If you are in an off-gas area biomass heating is a great solution.

Reduce your heating bills

Cheaper than burning fossil fuels.

Better for the environment

CO 2 produced on average is the same as absorbed by plants so there is no negative impact.

Highly efficient

As efficient as a conventional gas boiler yet cleaner and less volatile.

Great incentives

Apply for a grant and the RHI.

Good for the economy

CO 2 Creates a market for biomass fuel which helps rural economy.

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