Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

Tailored Air Conditioning Installations

Full Indentured Design with a 5 Year Warranty Installation

When your home or business needs a professional and reliable air conditioning company, Cannings provide the services that are second to none. With offices based in Exeter Taunton and Plymouth, covering the South West is seamless for all our customers finding us approachable and accessible. Our coverage of such a vast regional area means we appreciate local knowledge and local needs. Therefore, we have a better idea about what properties in rural environments need and how it differs from the needs of a high density urban office block; enabling us to provide customised and practical solutions.

Cannings are established, professional and reliable air conditioning experts, who are also leading providers of refrigeration, ventilation, electrical services, heat recovery and climate control systems in the South West. Not only do we advise and install systems in a knowledgeable and efficient manner but at Cannings you can rely us to maintain and support you in there consistent running. With a heavy wealth of experience and knowledge, feel confident in the products that are selected. With input direct from the manufacturers on hand our professional and skilfully install team, have faith that your property and investment is in the right hands. With a long excellent reputation in doing successfully in the South West for 45 years, makes Cannings Building Services the first choice for our customers.

Contact us today to see on how we can turn your property into the perfect climate controlled atmosphere. With experienced and reliable staff talking you through the most suitable options available step by step. With the right solution for you at the for front of everyone at Cannings, we offer a free consultation and quotation for your business or home requirements. With our bespoke proposed options on the table let us help you make a clear and informed decision and the handling the transformation of your property in a professional manner.

Climate control

Cannings dedicated designers will be able to provide an answer to all your air conditioning solutions that can be seamlessly adjusted all year round, no matter what the outside conditions are. In doing this with the latest technologies optimising energy efficiency, design and style at the heart of every project. All packages are tailored on an individual basis with silent operation both providing cooling and heating. At Cannings we only use the best brands such as Daikin, Mitsubishi & Toshiba to name a few.

Increasing catalogue of solutions and choice

With independent and bespoke relationships formed with multinational manufacturers even what would seem an impossible situation can have a solution. With their assistance, we are able to offer extended warranties and support direct to the end client.

Integrated solutions

With a full range of solutions to hand, incorporating cooling, heating, ventilation systems, air curtain, refrigeration units and air handling plant in to a property is a breeze.

Trusted support

Offering complete after sales support and assistance with our team of highly skilled and multi trained engineers and staff. Bringing total comfort and peace of mind to all of our clients.

Legislation compliance

All staff are at the very least ‘F Gas’ qualified with manufacturer lead courses attended on a regular basis to keep up to date with the very latest technologies. With all clients being able to take advantage of our wealth of knowledge and advice keeping you up to date at all times.

Overhaul and maintenance

Periodic overhaul and planned maintenance in line with manufactures recommendations increase component life expectancy. This should be factored in to any planned preventative maintenance programme. Overhauls help early diagnosis of parts with signs of abnormality and/or wear. Replacement may also be required prior to the part failing or causing failure on critical parts. Our team can overhaul any piece of refrigeration plant and recommend on their findings. This protects the investments made ensuring the full life expectancy is exceeded.

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